7. Februar 2019 – Raum Hamburg Nord/Norderstedt

Die zentralen Themen:

• 2-3 Impulsvorträge
(Nitroil –Von der Matratze aufs Dach–, INPUT, N.N.)

• Wie entwickelt sich Polyurea im Markt–

• Kooperationsanfragen und Partnerschaften (Teilnehmer suchen!)

• Alles was endlich einmal gesagt werden muss und das in gemütlichem Rahmen!

Moderation: Birgit Harreither

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Freopur polyurea gel coats in series production

Application examples at Liebherr and Aquaproduction The new FreiLacke gel coat based on an aliphatic polyurea system allows a reduction of the coatin...


VersaFlex Launches South America Division and Appoints New Business Manager to Lead the Unit

VersaFlex Inc, is proud to announce that Fernando Costa will become the Business Manager of its new South America Operation. Mr. Costa is no strange...


The new LP-1 Spray Machine – Polyurea low pressure, cold spray applied

VIP Coatings International, is introducing a new light weight, low pressure, cold spray, plural component spray machine & coating system.  ...


The Hanson Group Product Spotlight: HXA CE-425

Aliphatic Diamine Chain Extender for Light Stable Polyureas, Polyurethanes and Epoxies     HXA CE-425 helps adjust your formulation...


Flexiskin Case Study: Bergamo Garage Plazza de Liberta

Author: Helmut Rojek   The 6 level, underground car park is situated in the centre of Bergamo. Each floor measures between 2,000 and 2,20...

Special projects

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This new platform is designed to offer information, communication and discussion to anyone with an interest in polyurea. Visitors will have the opportunity to find out the basics about polyurea through to using the site as a forum to exchange experiences of working on professional projects.


Anyone with an interest in polyurea is welcome and the more experts who can afford the time to report on their experiences, both positive and negative, the more others can benefit.


Companies have the possibility to present their business, their products and their services, as well to offer or find new business contacts.


The site will be available in two languages initially – German and English – and forum discussions can take place in either language – however, translation is the responsibility of the participants and will not be provided by us.

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